We Are Bthere2

We're creating professional networking technology and making people change the way they connect


Networking is a powerful tool for business growth. Whether it’s on a business trip or in a virtual professional conference, in many cases, people would like to use their time in order to broaden their professional networks. Not just searching for information about people. Not just connecting online. Actually meeting interesting, new people.
So, if you’re planning to attend an online international conference, Bthere2 will suggest people with whom you may want to meet and who are also going to attend.

How does Bthere2 know these are people you would want to meet? That’s the magic! – Bthere2 builds your personal profile using over 100 parameters, which are collected from multiple sources –  demographics, Contacts, education history, occupation, professional skills, personal interests, personal tendencies and many other traits. Using our powerful proprietary matching algorithm, the app will always (and automatically) suggest meetings between people who are extremely likely to derive value from meeting each other. Bthere2’s A/I engine will continuously keep updating and improving your profile and will learn from user feedback, in order to make its next suggestions even more accurate.